Song Moo Kwan

Ensimmäinen Kwan koulukunta

Han Moo Kwan (한무관) - founded in August 1954 by Lee Kyo Yoon as an offshoot of the Yun Moo Kwan/Jidokwan.

Song Moo Kwan, also named "Song Moo Kwan Kong Soo Do ", is one of the Five original kwans (martial art schools) of taekwondo in Korea. Its founder, from 1944, Supreme Grandmaster Byung Jik Ro (1919-2015) was one of the highest ranking taekwondo practitioners in the world, and is considered the "Founder of Modern Taekwondo". The techniques of what is commonly known as Song Moo Kwan combine elements of Shotokan Karate Do and Korean taekwondo kicking.