WTA (World TKD Academy)

Academy for cultivating Taekwondo leaders. 

We nurture Taekwondo leaders for tomorrow!

As an institute for producing leaders with expertise and refinement in order to spread Taekwondo spirit and skill properly throughout the world, World Taekwondo Academy is one of core projects of Kukkiwon, the mecca of Taekwondo.

Founded in 1982, World Taekwondo Academy has been nurturing leaders with expertise and moral refinement in order to spread Taekwondo spirit and skill properly throughout the world. World Taekwondo Academy has implemented training for nurturing ideal leaders with quality as social leaders by developing sense and virtue as leaders through various educational curriculums by sector and course such as education for masters, life physical Education masters, game masters, foreign masters·masters for the disabled, Kyorugi·Poomsae referees, World Taekwondo Hanmadang referees etc.

In addition, World Taekwondo Academy opened a Taekwondo master education course for the disabled in 2008 to considerate of alienated groups and fulfill non-discriminatory educational philosophy.

Especially, World Taekwondo Academy has applied curriculums suitable for nurturing leaders capable of contributing not only to country but to society as a Taekwondo leader through continuous refresher education for enabling Taekwondo instructors to develop and display capability as a national and social leaders.

About 140,000 leaders produced through the education have not only been striving for training the upcoming generation but also presenting their ability as national and social leaders through fulfillment of Taekwondo spirit. Based on the education and training that are a step ahead of the stream of the times, World Taekwondo Academy will keep devoting to its role that not only establishes a new leadership image which will lead the future of Taekwondo but doubles the quality as a social leader.