OSOITE: Etelä-Korea, Jeollabuk-do, Muju-gun, Seolcheon-myeon, Museol-ro, 1482 KR 태권도원

The place that Taekwondo practitioners around the world dreamed of

Taekwondowon. (Mahtava paikka, 4 Vuotena käyty siellä. Suosittelut!)

Korea's proud cultural heritage resides in Taekwondowon, the driving force of spiritual and physical growth going beyond Korea to across the world and the hub from where the universalization of the Taekwondo spirit and values begins. -> Katso kohdasta Historia muutamia kuvia...

  • The place where anyone can begin the great change (che-in-ge) through taekwondo!
  • The place to feel the vibrant energy of Taekwondo!
  • The place where education, training, and research into Taekwondo continue to create and diffuse taekwondo values!
  • The place where the true spirit of Taekwondo lives!
  • Taekwondowon is the place that taekwondo practitioners around the world dreamed of.

Our generation is creating its own world heritage “Taekwondowon”

Taekwondowon, proudly established in the country where Taekwondo was born from its international debut in the Olympics, is the world's only professional taekwondo venue that houses taekwondo and its related facilities and objects.
A living cultural heritage site for people all around the world to feel Korea and be moved by its warmth through the spirit of taekwondo.

The largest training space in the world for Taekwondo practitioners

Taekwondowon, the new pilgrimage destination for international taekwondo practitioners, is the birthplace of taekwondo with a befittingly expansive space for interactive, educational, and cultural exchanges, and the pivotal hub to deliver taekwondo to the world.

Taekwondowon area