Korkeushyppy potkumurskaus 

High jump kick breaking

It refers to a contest in which contestants perform an assisted run from a set distance and jump to break the targets, and rankings are decided by whoever completely breaks the highest target. 

Contest Method: Cut-Off 

Contest Time: 20 seconds or less 

Compulsory regulations 

  1. Contestants shall decide and register the target height before the contest.
  2. The contestant cannot apply for less than 5cm increment for his applying distance.(For instance, a contestant can not apply for 172cm or 174cm, but do for 180cm or 185cm. The gap unit shall be 5cm)
  3. After breaking the set target, the contestant may set a farther target. The contestant gets a total of three chances, including the initial round. - 23 -
  4. After succeeding in the initial breaking, the height of the second or third round may be set according to the participant’s own judgment. However, the participant may not conduct the third round without conducting the second one.
  5. The breaking targets shall be authorized by the Organizing Committee.
  6. The breaking shall be tried only once and be conducted within 20 seconds after the “Si-Jak“ command.
  7. The approach run should be shorter than 10m.
  8. The finalist may try to make the best record, regardless of times.

Breaking techniques 

  1. Contestants must maintain Jumping Front Kick stance when performing breaks.
  2. When the target has been completely broken, it considered a successful break.
  3. Breaking should take place in midair.
  4. Completely breaking a target means making it break apart into two or more pieces after it has been struck by the contestant’s foot.
  5. If the target is not completely broken, it will count as a failure to break.

Deduction ("Gam-jeom") 

  1. If the breaking time(20 seconds) is exceeded, a 1.0 point deduction shall be applied for each 10 seconds, and a 1.0 point deduction is equivalent to a 10cm target height.
  2. Deductions are only given at the round for which the contestant registered the target height.
  3. Deduction points shall be deducted from the participant's total score.

Disqualification ("Sil-gyouk") 

  1. When he/she fails to break the target in applied height.
  2. When any parts of the body above the knees touch the ground after breaking
  3. When the breaking techniques and compulsory regulation were violated
  4. Entering the contest in the name of others

Decision of contest 

  1. If a contestant fails in the second or third round, the height that he or she succeeds in the previous round will be marked as his or her highest record.
  2. If the height is the same between the participant who had succeeded in the first round and failed in the second round, and the participant who had succeeded in the second round and failed in the third round, then one more opportunity for a round will be given to decide the winner.
  3. The contestant with the highest record is declared as the winner.
  4. In case of a tie, the contestants shall compete with each other once more. In case of a tie again, the contestant with shorter height is declared as the winner.