World Taekwondo Europe (ETU)

The European Taekwondo Union is the official governing body of all Taekwondo members in Europe. It consists of the National Taekwondo Federations of all European member nations and regulates all Taekwondo members on a continental basis.

The ETU is a non profit International Sport organization which has only Member National Associations as member. The ETU is the Continental Union of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) and in that respect follows the Rules and Regulations of the WTF. The ETU has at present 50 members and is with that number the largest Continental Union of the WTF.

The ETU President is the head of ETU and together with the Secretary-General and Treasurer responsible for the day-to-day matters within ETU. The President is furthermore assisted by his Personal Secretaries (PS) and appointed Special Assistants who can advise the President on specific matters. The Secretary-General is supported by his deputy Secretary-Generals and the ETU Office.

The General Assembly (GA) is the meeting of all members and the ETU Council. The GA elects the ETU officials and decides on the policy plans, butget and other issues presented to it by the President.

The ETU Council is the board of the ETU and consists of the ETU President, 6 Vice Presidents, 24 Council members and ex-officio Council members (WTF Council members are also ETU Council member). Officials are elected and appointed for at term of 4 years.

Finally, ETU has a number of working committees. These committees consist of a Chairman and a number of members. These committees can present plans or proposals for policy which can be presented to the ETU Council for discussion. An overview of the Committees can he found here.

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