6. Aerobinen TKD

Taekwondo Aerobics 

Taekwondo aerobics refers to the Taekwondo movements composed with music and musical instruments to perform gymnastic-type movements. 

Contest method: Cut-off 

Contest time: More than 1 minute and 50 seconds and less than 2 minutes 

Uniform and Items 

  1. Top may be chosen, but Dobok pants and belt should be worn.
  2. Any necessary items and make-up can be used in the program arrangement of Taekwondo Aerobics, but they will not effect the scoring. ④ Number of contestants : 7 to 9 people

Compulsory regulations 

  1. Hand movements shall follow basic Taekwondo movements.
  2. Kicks shall follow basic Taekwondo kicks.
  3. Music CD or usb must be submitted at the place, date, and time designated by the Organization Committee.
  4. It is required to change formation during the performance more than three times.

Designated technique movements It is possible to change the contest specifications of compulsory techniques depending on the situation of the event. However, all members need to perform compulsory techniques together. 

  1. Repeating side kick : 2 times - 47 -
  2. Head-high roundhouse kick : 2 times
  3. Back kick : 2 times
  4. Jumping side kick : 2 times
  5. Back whip kick : 2 times
  6. Tornado kick : 2 times
  7. Acrobatic motion : 2 times
  8. Taekwondo hand movements : more than 10 times

Marking Criteria 

  1. Accuracy (4.0 points) A. Accuracy of movements : accuracy of Taekwondo movements B. Designated technique movements : Designated technique movements which are specified in the Hanmadang regulations
  2. Program arrangement (6.0 points) A. Skill (2.0 points) : Balance between rhythm and the movements B. Expressivity (2.0 points) : Balance between the dynamic expressions and music C. Creativeness (2.0 points) : Creative presentation and artistic values
  3. Taekwondo Aerobics Score Chart Marking Criteria Marking Criteria Details Point Accuracy (4.0) Accuracy of movements 4.0 Designated technique movements Program arrangement (6.0) Skill 2.0 Expressivity 2.0 Creativeness 2.0

Scoring method 

  1. Accuracy A. Accuracy of movements : 0.1-point deduction per inaccurate movement B. Designated technique movements : 0.3-point deduction per failure to perform designated technique movements which are specified in the Hanmadang Regulations.
  2. Program arrangement A. Skill : Balance between rhythm and the movements B. Expressivity : Balance between the dynamic expressions and music C. Creativeness : Creative presentation and artistic values - 48 -
  3. Points will not be deducted for every mistake. Points will be deducted after watching the entire program arrangement.

Penalty deduction (“Gam-jeom") and disqualification ("Sil-gyouk")

  1. Penalties are given by the chief referee.
  2. The penalties are warning("Gyong-go"), deduction("Gam-jeom"), and disqualification ("Sil-gyouk"). One deduction penalty is equal to a 0.1 point deduction.
  3. Deduction(“Gam-jeom") A. Conducting undesirable acts B. Disturbing the referee or the staffs to proceed during the contest C. If a contestant lacks or exceeds the time, 0.3 points will be deducted for every 10 seconds. D. If the number of contestants does not meet the required limit, 3 points will be deducted per person. E. Stepping over the boundary line of the contest area results to a 0.3 point deduction. F. Not performing the compulsory technical movements will deduct 0.3 points per movement.
  4. Penalty points shall be deducted from the participant's total score.
  5. Disqualification("Sil-gyouk") A. Entering the contest on behalf of other players B. When any team copies another team’s Taekwondo Aerobics or demonstrates a Taekwondo Aerobics that has been awarded a prize in World Taekwondo Hanmadang in the past 5 years C. When wearing the incorrect uniform ⑩ Decision of contest The decision of the contest shall be made in accordance with the Article 27 of Referee Decision and Publication.