Ji Do Kwan

Neljäs Kwan koulukunta

Ji Do Kwan (지도관) - Chosun Yun Mu Kwan Kong Soo Do Club (조선연무관 공수도부, Chosun Yun Mu Kwan had been the original Japanese Kodokan Judo school in Korea for over 30 years previously) founded March 3, 1946 by Chun Sang Sup(전상섭), who had studied Shotokan karate with Gichin Funakoshi in Japan, and later called his art 'Kong Soo Do(공수도)'. He had a very close relationship with Yoon Byung-In, founder of YMCA Kwon Bop Club. Chun and Yoon would travel to train with other martial artists, sometimes traveling to Manchuria. They trained with each other so much that they became known as brothers. Chun went missing during the Korean War; subsequently, this kwan voted to change its name to 'Jidokwan'. After Chun disappeared in Korean War, the original students of Chun voted Master Yoon Kwe-byung(윤쾌병, Trained Chuan Fa in Manchuria) as Jidokwan 1st President.